Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yard Projects

Pete and I don't like to do yard work, remember? This year we have been a little more into it. We've been working on the lawn where the grubs got, planted some vegetables and herbs and had The Turf Doctor coming. Last year, I put mulch around the oak tree in our front yard. That was my yard "project". I know, sad, but, I'm not good with that stuff. Since we've been spending more time outside, I was feeling a bit inspired.......

Enjoying my gardening time :)

These flowers were here for about an hour, when Peter wanted to "help" Mommy water the flowers and took out almost all of them with the hose. I removed the few that were left and it's back to what it looked like before.
Since the first project ended in a failure, I decided to try again with a different "tree". CMP cut down a birch in the front of our yard that was too close to the power line last year. Since then this stump has just been sitting there irritating me. Pete was going to rent a stump grinder but it's quite a bit of money for just one. I ask my stepmother for ideas then went to work.

Here it is! I was really proud of myself. I bought some more flowers, added mulch and put a plant on the top of the stump. I really enjoyed it for three days........
Three days after I did the stump project, a tree company was up the street doing work on another house. They told Pete they could grind the stump for $25. Down they came.....

Peter sat across the street to watch the tractor with Nonni. He LOVED seeing the tractor come down the street!
The tractor backed right into our yard and destroyed the stump...... and my project!
What is left. I am done with yard projects this year, haha. Maybe I'll  have better luck next year! Or maybe, I"ll just say screw it!

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