Wednesday, January 30, 2013

IKEA Trip!

Woo hoo, time for some shopping!! Bethany and I made the trek down to IKEA for our 3rd annual trip two week ago! We actually made a fabulous girls weekend out of it! I came home with LOTS of goodies......

We arrived at 9:30 for the 10am opening! We left 5 1/2 hours later :)
Bethany was so excited to be back at IKEA!
For the first time we ate at the restaurant. Since they are a Swedish company, of course I had to go with the Swedish meatballs! We enjoyed the meal and the company. Bethany's MIL Judy and her friend Polly joined us for lunch and the tail end of our shopping.
Almost ready to check out!
Some of our things loaded up in the back of the truck :)
So who wants to see what I got??????!!!!!!!!
I have been eyeing the EMMIE LAND bedding for the last three years and this trip I finally bite the bullet and bought it! On the left is our forever old bedding(don't judge, the comforter was really warm!) and on the right is our new IKEA bedding! 
BEFORE: I had this table in the dining room and I would always just shove the toys underneath to "clean up". The toys were really starting to annoy me but the kids always are playing in there. Usually there are more toys but I picked up for this picture, hehe :)
AFTER: I bought an EXPEDIT bookcase and turned it sideways! I also got three baskets to hide toys! Now we have extra seating and a lot of toy storage!
BEFORE: Since we have "moved" into the new living room, we have used a shelf I had down in the daycare that I bought at IKEA last year for the cable box and blu ray player. They didn't really fit well but I hadn't really taken the time to find anything to use.
Pete actually didn't mind setting this up....and he liked what I picked out! 
AFTER: The HEMNES bookcase all set up! We cut a hole in the back so we could plug in the cable box. I love it!!
For the last three years I have wanted to buy a couple spice racks to use to hold books in Peter's room and every time I have gone they have been sold out! So this year they had I bought 4. Well I was thinking and decided to use one in my kitchen, so I went downstairs to get the bottom color of paint I used in the kitchen to paint one!
BEFORE: An empty wall.....
AFTER: A little kitchen organization using one of the spice racks! 
BEFORE: OK, so now Pete was getting sick of all my IKEA buys, LOL! None of the stuff measures up to studs so Pete had to drill another hole in the frame in order to hang a shelf in the kitchen.
AFTER: My new cookbook shelf! you like??!!!
I'm going back in March with Pete's family to introduce them to IKEA, oh and buy more stuff, hehehe :)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Taste of Home Inspired!

Last week, I received my Taste of Home magazine in the mail! It one of my favorite magazines! I was looking through it and bookmarking recipes I wanted to make when I realized I could do a whole week of meals just from this issue! Last night I made the Buffalo Chicken Lasagna, pictured above. It was a hit! Who else subscribes to Taste of Home?
My son got this photo of me when I was making my shopping list yesterday morning!
Monday: Chicken Lo Mein
Tuesday: Tomato & Basil Grilled Cheese
Wednesday: Speedy Chicken Marsala
Thursday: Swedish Meatballs
Friday: always :)

Every week I link up with other bloggers to share menu ideas!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday iPhone Dump!

Now that I use the blogger app one phone, it's SO MUCH easier to do my Friday posts, which is great since it's 10:45 and we JUST got home! The boys were in rock star mode! After enjoying watching Chelsea and Westbrook win, we went over to the Rairdon's, the boys didn't want to leave!

1. Saturday night we celebrated my Aunt Dee's 50th birthday!

2. Bethany and I got to have a girls night sleepover at Laura's, we had a blast!

3. On Monday, Jack fell asleep on Auntie :)

4. Pete and Jack with one of our IKEA projects! That post is coming soon!

5. Happy Jack

6. Got to enjoy a great night with Sara!

7. On Monday, with the day off, the boys and I enjoyed a morning at the Children's museum.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Years Eve

Finally getting around to posting about New Years Eve! It was a fun, low key night for us. This year Pete made us an AMAZING dinner!
Our dinner right after Pete browned it...ready to go in the oven!
Since Pete and I had to drive to the Cape the day before Christmas Eve, we exchanged our gifts with Ben, Bethany and Mackenna on New Years. The boys were very excited to see an excavtor they can sit on in their sandbox!
Mackenna opening her present!
Katelyn & Cynthia arrived to join us for the evening and the silliness came natural :)
Starting our first course, French Onion Soup!
Everyone LOVED dinner!
Main course, seriously it was such a good meal!
After dinner, Nonni, Poppi, Grammy & Grampy stopped by for a couple hours to join us!
It was touch and go a few times but we actually made it to midnight!!!

Happy 2013!! I feel amazing blessed with a wonderful husband & sons. A fabulous support system of family and friends. It is going to be a positive year for us!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

My pinterest inspired menu plan last week was hit! If you like my facebook page, you saw the buffalo chicken rolls picture! My fellow buffalo chicken loving friends are coming over on Tuesday! I'm going to enjoy my day off today by taking the boys to the Children's Musuem, put together all my IKEA trip projects from yesterday's trip and to catch up on some blog posts!!!! Enjoy your week :)

Monday:  Steak & Cheese Sandwiches
Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Quessdillas
Wednesday: Tacos
Thursday: Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Friday: Takeout :)

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday iPhone Dump

1. Jack wearing straw glasses.
2. Out to breakfast with Ben & Mackenna!
3. Ready for the Pats game!
4. Peter loving the winter weather :)
5. Peter and his girl Chelsea after her basketball game.
6. Helping Mommy shoveling when Daddy was at work.

7.Jack watching videos of his cousin Cameron last night.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Plan Monday - Pinterest Style

I love pinterest. I get so many great ideas and inspriration from it. Check out my boards. The picture above is from when I made the Guacamole Bacon Grilled Cheese. So this week I decided to plan my menu with pinterest!  Hoping they all taste as good as they look! How many of you use pinterest to help plan meals??!! Enjoy your week!

Monday: Skillet Lasagna
Tuesday: Buffalo chicken rolls
Wednesday: Taco pie
Thursday: Chicken alfredo  & rice casserole
Friday: Takeout :)

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday iPhone Dump!

I have finished two weeks of Project 365! We got back from dinner at Ricetta's, put Jack to bed, and are about to pop in the movie The Campaign but first, here is our week.........
1. Ice fishing at Nonni & Poppi's.
2. Celebrating Mame's birthday!
3. Jack being Jack :)
4. The boys proudly sporting their Brady shirts with their daycare buddy Colin.
5. Mom and I out to dinner on Wednesday.
6. Peter is sleeping over at Grammie & Grampy's so it's the three of us tonight!