Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lobster Dip

3. Participate in the Lobster Dip on New Years Day.
Well, I crossed another one off my 40 before 40 list! I put in on my list after reading Peter MacVane's obituary last month. He was a close friend of a family brother-in-law. It was a last minute decision this year to do it but when my sister in law Cynthia told me she was doing it, I knew it would easier to accomplish with others! She was jumping in with Katelyn's Dad and down to Old Orchard Beach I went!

Cyn and I trying to warm up with a beverage before we dive into the ocean :)
You know it's not the smartest thing to be doing when state divers are in the water "just in case"!
Undressing to jump in! It was windy out!
Lisa took this picture of us and on Facebook captioned it reconsidering? LOL!
 I took this picture when watching the news that night. An aerial photo of all us crazies going in!
coming out! (thanks for the picture Lisa!)
I did it!! I actually was a "double dipper". I went in twice!
Our first family photo of 2013!
Cynthia and Katelyn
After we went in and changed we tried to warm up by steaming hot water on our faces! 
Final report: I would actually do it again! I found that because the water temperature was the same as the air, going into the water wasn't as shocking as I thought it would be. Heck, I went back in! It was the after that was tough. The wind and freezing cold toes was brutal! Even after I dressed I was cold for hours! I am glad I can now say that I am one of the nuts that jumped into the ocean on January 1st!

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