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Meet our family!!

I'm Jennifer. I'm loud, neurotic, and sentimental. I love to be organized but have a hard time pulling it off most days. I love blogging and annoy most of my family taking pictures at any opportunity that I get. Love being with my family & friends and try to put way too many activities on our plate. I spend way to much of my time watching reality tv, facebooking and being concerned with celebrity news! I am living a blessed life! My motto... You rest, you rust :)

My boys.... my heart
Peter III.... my rock, my balance. I feel safe because him! I think I'll keep him around for a few more years, haha. Who would have thought that when we met in high school 15 years ago that we would run into each other after college and end up married. He is the quintessential Maine outdoorsman.  His passions are hunting and his family :)
Peter IV... my outdoors boy! He makes me laugh and want to pull my hair out everyday. To say he loves being outdoors is an understatement. His favorites include  monster trucks, cars, trains, tractors, his John Deere Gator, Bobcats, NASCAR, Toy Story 1, 2 & 3, and anything Lighting McQueen. He is such a boy :)

Jack.... my wild child! I didn't know how I could love another child as much as I loved Peter, then along came Jack Murphy Wescott. He completes our family. He loves to laugh, smile and get into trouble! He is ALWAYS on the move! This boy has NO fear! Crawling at 5 months, walking at 9, he keeps us on our toes!

Cabela Bean.... AKA, Bela. We have a love/hate relationship. She thinks she is half human/half cat! All my boys love her! She likes to spend her time going to doggie daycare, sleeping, barking at the neighbors and annoying the crap out of me : )

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