Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Will be back next week!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Horseshoe Tourney!

Warning: If you're not family, you might find this post odd!

Friday night we went over to the Ferris house for some pizza and to select our teams. I now call it selection Friday! They had Papa Gino's, one of my favorite pizza that you can't get in Maine!

After dinner, we picked teams. We put all the guys names in a hat and each women picks a name. I got my Dad for a partner. We were partners two years ago and the first team eliminated! After all the teams were announced Heather brought out shirts that she had made for everyone, they were great! We all started thinking of team names for the next morning... this is serious business for us!
This years teams!
Dad & Me, aka HorseShit
Pete & Michael, aka Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Uncle Steve & Aunt Patty, aka T Pity, aka P Tittys
Aunt Joanne & Uncle Bart, aka 2 sided affair
Brian & Heater, aka The Grad shoe-its
Jan & Stevie, aka Ringah Time

Saturday turned out to be a great day and Jack was wearing his shirt with his new nickname!

Patty unveils this years board to everyone!

The board...

Uncle Bart (my championship partner last year) signaling the games to begin!

Peter deep in thought watching the action. He was thinking either I'll be so good when it my time to finally play or my family is nuts, it's just horseshoes!

Michael, Brian & Peter kicking off the tourney with a beverage... it was 10:45am, haha

Heather Bear having fun!

Pete won the first year and has been in the finals the last three years... he was focused!

Brian and Jack had been watching all day and didn't really care who won :)

Winning point!

The final four.. all Mainers!

They thought it would be funny to pour water on us!

Championship Trophy!

The family tournament players

It was a great way to end our vacation! Looking forward to next year!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Played in the Westbrook Alumni field hockey game and I survived!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day In Boston

I miss Boston. I don't miss the traffic though! On our way down to the Cape, we stopped in Boston to meet up with my friend Cristina and her two girls. It was a beautiful day out, a perfect day to spend in the city!

How cute is Lily Hess?!!

Emilia and Jack meeting

Jack got very excited when he found out we were going to ride the swan boats!

We all enjoyed our swan boat ride :)

Cristina and I on the bridge
I love the public gardens! I use to always take the kids I nannyed for there and I use to enjoy to go by myself with a good book. It's one of the spots I miss about Boston.

My favorite spot in Boston!

Emilia and Peter became fast friends :)

We headed over to the Commons and went on the Carousel

Over by Tadpole Playground there was a balloon man. Peter asked for an airplane and it entertained him for the rest of the day! Well worth the $2!

We headed over towards Faniuel Hall and Quincy Market, where we met up with my sister Laura and Cristina's husband Peter for lunch at Bertucci's. Another favorite of mine! After lunch we headed back to Post Office Square. Of course the kids loved the water fountain!

Saying goodbye after a great day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Photo

In May, I got a groupon for Picture People. It was a great package for $16. I had just gotten the boys pictures taken two days before, so when I bought it I knew I wanted to get a family photo. Most of you know how hard it has been to get a good picture of all of us and how badly I want one!

We get called into the studio(the place was packed with fellow groupon buyers) and the girl who is about to take our photos tells us that family portraits aren't really her thing! All I wanted was a good pic and she has no idea what to do?? Great. (Nicole & Laura, hold in your laughter) So I gave her some ideas and,  prayed that we got a good photo.... We did(I think!)
Warning: This is a photo of a photo taken with my phone camera!
retro tone and this is the one that our family is getting.

Warning: This is a photo of a photo taken with my camera on my phone.
We got this one for our living room. We have a wall that has 9 B& W photos, we are adding 6 more and this is one of them. This is my favorite one :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are loving our vacation!!! Just like last year, we wanted to spend a day at Funtown/Splashtown. As you saw from the photo I posted earlier today, we had a GREAT time! We started at Funtown to go on the rides, then spent the majority of our day at Splashtown. Peter didn't want to leave again like last year and Jack was awake almost the whole day! He loved playing in the water! Next year it will be on our vacation plan again!

He LOVED the canoes! He rode them 3 times!

Jack was so good today! He watched Peter go on all the rides and then we ALL got to ride the Caroseul! Of course I was so happy that all 4 of us were on, I forgot to take a pic!

Riding the boats.

Daddy & Peter on the helicopters.

We ran into Auntie at Splashtown!! She was there as a counselor for Westbrook Rec. This is the last photo I took before my camera died(classic Jenn move, I always forget to charge the camera battery) Thankfully, Auntie took our family photo for us with her phone! It was a great day!