Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp Cornville

Last weekend we finally made it up to camp!!! It was our first time this summer! Before kids we use to go up every other weekend. Since Peter has been born, we've tried to go a couple of times each summer. I was a little nervous about going up since Jack can be fussy and wake at night but they BOTH had a GREAT time. I should known they would, the both LOVE being outside. We had a wonderful time with everyone who was there, Grammie, Grammpie, Auntie Cyn, Katelyn, Uncle John and Aunt Jen. In a true Jen move, I go to take a photo and realize my camera battery is dead and of course I forgot my "little" Nikon at home. Won't make that mistake again! Thankfully, Pete's Aunt Jen takes more photos then I do so, I got still got great pictures!

with Auntie, he was spoiled by love up here!

We brought up Peter's John Deere Gator and he loved having it up there! We'll never go to camp again without it! He loved "helping" the guys and getting jobs from Grampie!

                        Great shots of the boys! So glad Jen was there to get all these pics!

The big project almost finished. Casa de Toilet!

Aunt Jenny, Uncle Craig and Cameron came up to have dinner with us. Cameron and Jack, 6 weeks apart, enjoyed a photo shoot!

Dropping off the wood he found for the campfire.

We ended the night with a campfire where, as you can see, Peter enjoyed some smores!

Both boys slept great in the tent! We were back up at 6:30am to play outside. After breakfast, Jack enjoyed his morning nap with Katelyn on the hammock swing :)

We had to get some more tractor riding in before we left! Peter wanted Jack to go for a ride with him so with the help of Grammie, Jack went for a short ride. Peter then noticed Daddy and Grampie doing a project so he was off and it was Jack's to drive, haha! We'll be going back up again during our vacation!

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