Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We are loving our vacation!!! Just like last year, we wanted to spend a day at Funtown/Splashtown. As you saw from the photo I posted earlier today, we had a GREAT time! We started at Funtown to go on the rides, then spent the majority of our day at Splashtown. Peter didn't want to leave again like last year and Jack was awake almost the whole day! He loved playing in the water! Next year it will be on our vacation plan again!

He LOVED the canoes! He rode them 3 times!

Jack was so good today! He watched Peter go on all the rides and then we ALL got to ride the Caroseul! Of course I was so happy that all 4 of us were on, I forgot to take a pic!

Riding the boats.

Daddy & Peter on the helicopters.

We ran into Auntie at Splashtown!! She was there as a counselor for Westbrook Rec. This is the last photo I took before my camera died(classic Jenn move, I always forget to charge the camera battery) Thankfully, Auntie took our family photo for us with her phone! It was a great day!

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  1. I have so many great childhood memories of funtown. So fun that you get to share it with your kids!