Saturday, December 31, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning was so much fun!! Jack got into some yogurt melts while Peter was still sleeping! He is up early every morning, and this morning, he decided to sleep in of course! Pete and I wanted to wake him so bad, but he finally got up around 7:30 and was excited Santa had come!
So happy to see Percy!

Jack and Peter opening their first gifts! Peter traded with Jack as soon as he saw that Jack got a Lighting McQueen... even though he already has 5!
While Peter continued to open, Jack discovered the cookie still on Santa's plate :)

opening the tool bench they both got from Santa!
Jack laughing at Daddy :)
After Pete put together the tool bench, the boys started playing!

After we opened presents and got to play for a while, we headed over to Grammy & Grampy's house and while I do not like this picture of me, everyone was looking.
Cameron enjoying his first Christmas :)

Grammy & Grampy liked their picture of the three grandsons :)
Giving Papa and Grammie Wescott their mugs
opening gifts :)

Peter thought it would be fun to hide in Daddy's new ice fishing basket!
Auntie & Kaka :)
Nonni and Poppi stopped by on their Tour de Christmas to join us for some lunch and a visit
Pam's side of the family opening gifts

Merry Christmas! It was a great one!

Of course, we had to end the night wrestling with Daddy :)

Christmas Eve Festivities

Christmas Eve was great! My Dad and Jan came over and we started the evening off with a cocktail....
....which we both enjoyed :)

A tradtition that started over 20 years ago with my Dad, I had to order KFC.

We opened presents and everyone enjoyed it!
Peter got a race car from Papa and he was very excited!
Jack opening his gift :)

We all then headed over to the Brewer's house for a Chirstmas Eve party!
Ethan was sleeping when we got there :)
Jack thought it would be funny to try and climb the stairs every chance he got! Peter trying to help :)

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Shed Project

After our gardening experience this summer, we decided to move the shed to create a garden there. It gets the best sunlight besides the hill. Now with plans to build an addidtion, it was a great idea to move it!
The new shed site, behind the garage.
Pete thought that he might be able to move it with his truck....

....he was wrong. He just created a mess in the backyard!

About a month after Pete tried with the truck, my Dad brought down his tractor to help. The boys were excited to see the tractor arrive!

After they realized the ground was still not frozen, they had to think up a new plan!

In the middle of the move, they had to use pipes and 2x4 to help roll it across the yard.

the boys watching with Grammy.

That area looks so much bigger now!

The shed in its new spot!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve!

Christmas Eve Eve! A tradition that our kids will grow up having with the Siemen family! As you can see when Ben, Bethany and Mackenna first arrived, some kids weren't quite ready for the festivities to kick off!
My sister Laura, mentioned a great stuffed peppers recipe. It was so good! Everyone really liked it, and it will be a post next week :)

The kids exchanged gifts! As you can see Jack and Mackenna were really excited :)

Peter opening, he was very excited with the cars and I liked the camo shirt he got :)

Just what Jack needed!

After dinner we relaxed in the living room.
The boys thought they would show everyone how they wrestle :)

Christmas Eve Eve 2011, a wonderful evening!