Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cookies...

and holiday hearts, that's the way the holiday starts! I LOVE Christmas! I know I say that about a lot of holidays... Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, etc.  Last Christmas, I really wasn't in the decorating spirit. I had a 20 month old that kept trying to grab breakables and was 7 months pregnant and still getting sick! I basically put up the tree and stockings. This year, I was super excited to decorate! Peter has seen Santa a couple of times and has been excited about Christmas. He even wanted to help decorate! Thanks to my friend Kelli's Mom, I got a great idea for my pictures!

All wrapped for Christmas!

I also wrapped the one in the kitchen!

LOVE my big wreath, I got at Storey's Garden Center. I also got another wreath for the front door, fresh berries on sticks that I put in a vase for decoration and we put lights up on the front of the house!

The boys in their Christmas PJ's in front of our stockings. My grandmother made me my stocking when I was a little girl, I then had Pete's grand mother make one for him and Peter. Jack is getting one also! I love their Christmas PJ's. I got them at The Children's Place and they say Best Gift Ever!

There are a lot more decorations around the house, and we are going to cut down our tree on Sunday, so stayed tuned!

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