Monday, April 23, 2012

Sandbox Project

I really wanted a sandbox for the boys. They both love to dig! I knew all the daycare kids would get a lot of enjoyment from it as well.  All the sandboxes you can buy seem so small. Most didn't get good reviews because you could only fit one or two small kids in them. I wanted something the boys could enjoy for years. So a few Sundays ago we took a trip to Home Depot to get all the supplies. Pete drew out a plan before we left the house.

Pete taking his measurements.
Pete working on the frame. Peter had his headphones on because of the loud compressor.
Hard at work to help Dad :)
Jack checking out what's going on!
We used composite decking so that the kids wouldn't have to worry about splinters!
One of the biggest concerns we had with building the sandbox was a proper cover, one that would be easy to take on and off but now blown away in a storm. Pete came up with this idea, so thankful to have such a handy man. PS... how cute is my husband, LOL! Proud of his work :)
Pete drilled a hole in the cover and got some rope from the garage to make a handle so it would be easier for me to lift!
Hinges so we don't have to worry about tarp or another kind of weak cover. Another great idea Pete!
Staining the cover with Thompson's Water Seal Natural Cedar. Gave it that Cedar look.
Peter with the finished sandbox!!! Now we just need to move it out back and fill it with sand!
Cynthia and Joe came over to help us move it out back, it was heavy!
Excited to pan dirt like the one of his favorite shows "Gold Rush"!
Yay, I can dig!
I think they like it ;)


  1. It came out great! I see us building one ourselves too so this is a great resource. Once I get over the "dirty/sandy" factor of Caroline playing in it :)

  2. love it!! you are so lucky to have a "handy" man...<3


  3. I love it, great workmanship but .... am worried about the kid who wants to play hide and seek and slips behind and leans on the lid. Squished kids in the sandbox, does the lid hook to the fence?

  4. The cover of the sandbox is actually clipped to the fence

  5. Thats what I figured but had to ask just in case. Pictures of your day care make me want to come play for a day:o)

  6. It looks amazing! Much better than anything you can buy.