Friday, August 30, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

I haven't posted all week. It's been a busy one. The summer has been great but fall arrived on Monday with all the kids coming back full time to the daycare. I've been wiped out all week.. I didn't even take many pictures!

1. My sister Nicole made a surprise solo trip down on Saturday night and got to enjoy some time with her :)
2. While Pete & Peter went to Funtown on Sunday with Ben & Connor, Jack and I spent the day on the lake with Nonni & Poppi.
3. Everyone's back! Busy week but lots of fun!
4. Jack being Jack. This is how he wanted to ride in the stroller the other day!
5. Enjoying a freeze pop with their buddy Owen on Thursday night.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

iPhoto Friday

We finished up a great vacation on the Cape and had a good week to finish up the summer! All my daycare kids return full time on Monday!

1. We spent the last part of our vacation on Cape Cod(post coming soon). My Uncle Steve and I were champions..the third time for both of us!!!
2. Jack & Pete starting a fire in our new pit(this post will also hit the blog).
3.Moments like this is why I love being in daycare! They were all laughing when I captured this moment!!! Makes my heart melt :)
4. On Monday we went over to the Brewer's for an evening swim.
5. Kristen & I spent a lot of time organizing for the daycare this week!
6. Peter figuring out a way to help Jack bike, haha.
7. We had the Walters over for dinner and a campfire on Wednesday night. We all had a great evening!
8. Thursday, we spent a fun morning exploring Fort Williams.
9. We went to the final Thursday Thunder of the season and had Whitney & Nick join us!
10. I am posting this late because we just spent a great night outside by the fire with friends. We are lucky to be blessed with good friends:)

Monday, August 19, 2013

Menu Plan Monday's time to start cooking! I haven't cooked a dinner in two weeks until last night!!!! With my sisters up on vacation the first week and us on vacation this past week, it just didn't happen. It was nice to fall back into the routine. Speaking of fall, this week is really my last week of summer before I go back full time! Thankfully the forecast is going to be BEAUTIFUL! In the 80's all week! While I was looking over the cookbooks yesterday Pete came into the room and I asked if he felt like any particular meal. His reply..."Let's grill all week!" Great idea! We need to embrace this weather as long as we can! Enjoy your week :)
One of our meals out, Becky's Diner for breakfast and of course the kids LOVED their meals!
Monday: Turkey Burgers
Tuesday: Grilled Huli Huli Chicken
Wednesday: Herb Mustard Grilled Pork Chops
Thursday: Steak Tip Salad
Friday: Take out :)

What's on you menu this week??!!!

Every week I link up with other menu planners :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

We've had such a wonderful vacation! It's gone by fast but couldn't have asked for a better week! We have done the perfect mix of activities and relaxation!

1. Our annual family pic in front of the tractors at the Skowhegan Fair!
2. Peter wanted so badly to ride the he did :)
3. On Monday we got to do a little outlet shopping in North Conway before we went to Story Land.
4. Wednesday we enjoyed the day at home and went for a ride at Narrow Gauge Railroad.
5. Enjoying Portland.
6. The boy "helped" build a new firepit!
7. We went to Funtown and Peter was so happy to run into his friend Ruby!
8. We went for wings with Lola who came up again to visit.
9. We spent Thursday nigjt at Beech Ridge, we just love racing :)

Story Land Trip!

After a fun weekend at camp, We headed over to NH on Monday to Story Land! They have a great deal that any day you enter the park at 3pm, you get tickets for the next day as well. We intended to make the most of it and try to get on as many rides as we could! It wasn't as packed as we thought it would be and got on almost all the rides that first afternoon!
Peter & Jack thought the pumpkin house was silly!
Riding the tea cups! First ride!
Jack was JUST tall enough to make the polar coaster! Pete wondering why the heck I am taking a picture on a ride, haha! I had to capture Jack's first coaster!
Of all the attractions, of course the boys LOVED this one!!!
Attempting a selfie with Jack on the whales!
Pete & Peter riding the tractors.
Riding the elephant after the jungle safari.
As you get on Splash Battle, there is a sign that reads..Warning, you will get soaked!!! They were right! Peter loved it though :)
Still wet, so we tried to dry off on the shoes.
Jack about to fly high!
After a train ride around the park, we left the park around 6:30 and headed to dinner.
Peter wanted to take one of us, since I always take there picture! He did a good job!
We stayed at the Hampton Inn and they had a small water park. The boys were so happy, you wouldn't know we take them to Splashtown on a weekly basis!!
Tuesday morning it had just started to sprinkle when we arrived back at Story Land. There were NO LINES and we did all the rides again, sometimes we just stayed on the ride to go a second time. We made the best of it and had a BLAST!!
The boys(Pete included) had lots of fun in the Loopy Lab.
Peter was so funny at the magic show! As you can see from this picture, he was pretty amazed at some points!!
Waiting for the circus to begin!
On our way to Cinderella's castle! Even though the boys had no interest in meeting Cinderella, they thought it was fun to ride in a pumpkin :)
The only girl in the family meeting Cinderella.
Cinderella was on her way to tea, so she rode down from her castle with us!
Rainy day = no line for the Bamboo Chutes. In fact, Pete & Peter didn't even get off at one point, they just stayed on and went again! 
We had such fun time, and because of the rain, we got  free passes to go back again!  I'm thinking it would be fun on a pretty September day :)