Thursday, March 29, 2012

NEC Lacrosse Game

Most people that know me, know my love for New England College. The friendships I made and the experiences I had, make me a Pilgrim for life! I just wish they would make a better connection with their Alumni! I took matters into my own hands a few years ago and started a group, New England College Women's Lacrosse Alumni. So when the team schedule had them playing right in Biddeford, I called up the coach(who happens to be one of my besties) and offered to host a team dinner. Other alum from Maine offered to help! It was great to see the girls in action!

A very focused Jill

It was windy and cold so the boys couldn't show off their Grim gear, but they had fun playing outside and watching some lacrosse. Nonni came and helped us so I could really watch the game :)

Halftime talk. The girls had a great 2nd half but it wasn't enough to pull off the win :(

When I realized it was going to be windy and cold, I made a few phone calls and was able to secure a function room in the Dining Hall. Thanks UNE! Andrea, Lacie and I put together a great spread for the girls :)  Jack went running as soon as he saw the sandwich, LOL

NEC Alum! Lacie, Andrea, Jill and I

Jackie & Jill! I cried (duh, I'm emotional) when I first hugged her hello and again when we said goodbye. She is just the kind of person you feel lucky to have in your life. It makes me sad we don't live closer to each other. So glad my boys got to spend some time with her :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Maple Syrup Sunday

aahh, it's that time of year again :) Maine Maple Sunday! Love this day, it's an annual thing for us. Remember last year? Well it wasn't as cold but it was rainy! We still made the best of it! Our first stop, Merrifield Farm in Gorham, I think it's the most popular one!

The crew arriving! We got there nice and early this year!

One of my favorite spots! Showing how they use to do it way back in the day. It was nice to have some warmth on the rainy day!

The sugarhouse.

They had a bunch of animals we got to visit in their barns. Peter actually decided to pet one!

Jack Murphy No Fear Wescott wasn't afraid of the goats!

My favorite part of Maine Maple Sunday..... the samples!!! I love the ice cream with syrup :)

The boys were really starting to get cold and wet so we headed to the car to hit the next sugarhouse and my Dad stayed to enjoy the farm more.

We then headed to meet up with Jenny, Craig and Cameron in Minot!

Watching the horses pull up.
Syrup anyone?

Rain did not dampen our good time!

all the sap lines running towards the sugar house, this is a common site in Maine in March!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Afternoon With Jack

Have I mentioned that every weekend, the first chance he gets, Peter tries to go with his grandparents? It doesn't matter which set, but he loves to go with them! He is so spoiled, LOL! So for the last few weekends, we've had some one on one time with Jack.

Last Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a ride up to LL Bean. We use to go all the time with Peter to show him the animals and walk around. It was their Spring fishing weekend so there was lots to see and do.  Jack took it all in.........
Climbing up the rock wall in the shoe department....
Looking at the fish with Daddy :)
Checking out the Moose!

We then went outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather........
Hi Guys! Can I come in and play?
Peek a boo!

Giffords was giving out free samples of their new ice cream! It was so good!
Double spooning, haha
I think he had a great afternoon with Mommy & Daddy :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

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Well we had a busy, but fun weekend! Friends over, Maple Syrup Sunday, and celebrating Jenny's birthday. So when Pete and I sat down on the couch last night, the last thing I wanted to do was menu plan! He had no clue what he felt like this week and as I type this right now, I still can't think of what to cook this week. This hasn't happen for a while. I just don't feel like figuring it out either. Tiredness is catching up to me. I do two menu plans each week. One for the family and one for the daycare. Sometimes they work with each other, sometimes they don't. I did the menu plan for the daycare this morning but still wasn't inspired for our own. I didn't go grocery shopping this weekend and we have plenty in the house that I can work with. Hamburg, Chicken, pork loin in the freezer. Fresh veggies I got last week and some in the freezer, and of course plenty of pasta! So it will be a clean out the freezer/pantry this week. I will look at my All Recipes and Big Oven apps and go from there. Do you weeks like this? I need some ideas, what are you cooking this week?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

UMaine Game!

Last week, Pete called me one day at work. He wanted to try and see if we could go down to Boston for the Hockey East semi-finals to watch UMaine. I happen to be at my Mom's work when he called and she informed me that her, my stepdad, Laura and Chris had gotten tickets the day before! Thanks so much to my Dad and Jan who watched the boys so we could go! We decided to grab the bus down and take the train back with them. Glad we did, we would of had to drive in this weather!
One of my favorite buildings in Boston.
I love this city :)

After we got off the bus, we meet my sister Laura, Chris, Mom and Michael at Nobo near the Garden for dinner. We caught the third period of the BC/Providence game, then had an hour before our game started. What do you do with an hour? Enjoy some beverages :)
Game time!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Yesterday, we enjoyed our lunch out on the deck, bring on this wonderful weather! A busy weekend for us, Boston Friday night, Trip to Freeport with just Jack on Saturday, and a sandbox built yesterday! I'll be blogging about all of those. It's going to be a beautiful week with temperatures to hit 70 on Wednesday! Hope you all enjoy the week!

Monday: Beef Enchilada Casserole (didn't make it last week)
Tuesday: Papa's(my Dad) Birthday, out to dinner!
Wednesday: Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
Thursday: Homemade Italians
Friday: Takeout

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sap is running!!

I LOVE this photo. As you can see we have a maple syrup operation running here :)
We have two buckets collecting sap!
Bucket #2.. Pete collected the sap from the buckets on Sunday morning and they were filling up fast again when I went to get some photos on Sunday afternoon :)
got my rain/mud boots on :)
LOL, here is our redneck operation!
Pete pouring more sap into the pot to boil! Ignore the mess in the background!
Who wants some Wescott Maple Syrup??!!