Friday, March 2, 2012

Eric Church Concert!

We really haven't had much snow all year! Of course, yesterday we got a big storm. Schools and lots of businesses were closed, but the Eric Church concert was not canceled!! Off in 4 wheel drive we went!
After a few beverages and wings at Binga's, we headed over to the civic center.

As I was getting ready for the concert I heard on WPOR 101.9 that they were going to have a secret spy at the concert and if they saw you dressed in POR gear that you would have a chance to get upgraded! 20 minutes before we left the house, I was running around the house looking for items and made a shirt and headband. I said I would wear in when we got into the civic center until the concert started and if they didn't pick me by then oh well. I was SPOTTED!! We got 4 tickets into the pit, a section right at the stage in front of the front row! It was awesome!
back to my regular outfit and we're up front and center in the pit!

opening act,country rocker Brantley Gilbert, had a great performance, I'm now a fan!
Ben & Bethany dancing to their wedding song..."love your love the most" :)
end of the night self potraits, we had so much fun!!!


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