Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our Afternoon With Jack

Have I mentioned that every weekend, the first chance he gets, Peter tries to go with his grandparents? It doesn't matter which set, but he loves to go with them! He is so spoiled, LOL! So for the last few weekends, we've had some one on one time with Jack.

Last Saturday afternoon, we decided to take a ride up to LL Bean. We use to go all the time with Peter to show him the animals and walk around. It was their Spring fishing weekend so there was lots to see and do.  Jack took it all in.........
Climbing up the rock wall in the shoe department....
Looking at the fish with Daddy :)
Checking out the Moose!

We then went outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather........
Hi Guys! Can I come in and play?
Peek a boo!

Giffords was giving out free samples of their new ice cream! It was so good!
Double spooning, haha
I think he had a great afternoon with Mommy & Daddy :)

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