Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jack's Birthday Party!!

Jack's party was on Saturday morning! Peter woke up excited and ready to party, LOL!
Friday night I stayed up late making Jack's cake and decorating.
I had some frosting issues on Saturday morning, and had to run to the store but I think I pulled it off.
(Here's the finished photo Therese!)
Thanks to my sister Laura of Live Smile Celebrate, we had personalized decorations!

the birthday boy!!!
Party Guests.........

playing with Mackenna :)
Pinata fun!
Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends for Jack's gifts!
Checking out his tractor from Auntie Laura
After witnessing a few fights over the Lighting McQueen Car, Grammy & Grampy thought it would be a good idea to get Jack one! Now we have two racers and no fights!
Cake time! I made Jack his own smash cake!
enjoying his cake :)
Off to play with his presents!!

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  1. awesome....thanks so much for sharing!!! I love the pictures. Looks like fun was had by all. Awesome cake by the way...and I love all the personalized party goods. You are amazing!!!