Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tie Dye T-Shirt Project!

This week is spirit week at the daycare! Today is Tie Dye day! I knew it would be hard for parents to find shirts at stores, so I thought.. why not make some?!!
Kristen checking out the kit I got at JoAnn Fabrics...it can't be to hard right?!

The kit has easy directions! Packets of colors were in the kit, we put into the bottle, then we filled the bottles up to a water line marked. We had 2 adult shirts to make and 9 kid shirts. It also came with more packets of colors so we could make more or save for another day!
All the colors...we're ready to start!
To make a swirl tie dye, I took a fork to twirl it up, then used the elastics to secure it.
We also used the elastics to make different types of patterns, then started dyeing!
It got messy!!!
After we dyed all the shirts we wrapped them in plastic bags and let them set for 16 hours.
After they set, I took each one and rinsed them with cold water. A lot of dye comes out when you squeeze all the water out...wear gloves still!
I then placed them all in a basket to wash. I washed each one separately in hot water.
 Group shot on Tie Dye day!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Menu Plan Monday

It's going to be a hot week! Temperatures today are expected to be in the 90's! We're going to keep it cool and simple this week! Last week I posted on my Facebook page a kid favorite recipe around here, click "like" on my page if you haven't already to not miss a post!

We have some fun plans this week and I planned a spirit week for the daycare, I'm sure it will make the days go by fast..... enjoy your week :)

Monday: BBQ & pool with friends :)
Tuesday: Dinner in Old Orchard with friends :)
Wednesday: Guacamole Bacon Grilled Cheese
Thursday: Turkey Burgers
Friday: Takeout :)

Every week I link up with other bloggers for menu planning!

Friday, June 21, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

This Friday post has a lot of photos, are you ready?!!

1. On Saturday, we went to Cyn & Katelyn's housewarming party!
2. Jack & Emma having fun on the gator.
3. Our busy Father's Day Tour de Dads started with breakfast!
4. We enjoyed a ride on Nonni & Poppi's new pontoon boat.
5. We spent some time visiting & playing with Grampy.
6. Papa came over to have dinner with us.
7. In between all the visiting with Dads, while Jack nap, Peter and I stopped over to visit friends :)
8. On Wednesday, I went and visited my friend Danielle who just gave birth to twins! Welcome McKenna & Kaden!
9. Wednesday night we went over to the Brewer's house to celebrate Ethan & Kelli's birthday!
10. On Thursday, I took Peter, Jack & Ruby to Winslow Park for the morning and lunch. We had such a nice time!
11. While I had CPR training, Pete took the boys to Beech Ridge last night! They meet up with their buddy Landon.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Davidson's/Nature's Bakery Tea Party!

I was delighted when I was contacted by Davidson's Organics, an organic tea company specializing in teas, herbs, cocoa and spices to host a tea time with Nature's Bakery fig bars! Between my boys and the daycare kids, a lot of bars get eaten here so they knew we would have the perfect group! We decided to have a tea party!
We had many flavors to chose from and the kids were ready to eat!
Ruby excited to try Peach Apricot!

Palmer loved the Whole Wheat Blueberry!
Peter was a fan of the Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon, as was I!
My readers know I am a big tea drinker, I enjoy a cup every morning. I had never tried chai so I was a little nervous since I am picky. I tried Davidson's Spiced Chai and to my delight, it was delicious!

I really enjoyed the flavors, and it smelled so good! I added a little milk and perfection :)
Since Jack usually drinks my tea, it was no surprise he wanted to try the spiced chai. He LOVED it!
Ruby and Jack saying cheers with their spiced chai tea to Davidson's & Nature's Bakery!
 We have become fans and For more information on these companies, visit them!
You can find Davidson's is on Facebook & Twitter!
You can find Nature's Bakery is on Facebook & Twitter!

 *I was compensated for this post but all words and thoughts are mine.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few weeks ago ee had the Memorial Day parade & the week after was Westbrook Together Days!

Cyn and I took the boys down to the Memorial Day parade. It was a beautiful day out, the first after many days of rain!
Jack ended up watching the parade up on Mike Buotte's shoulders.
reactment civil war time period.....
We took them down to the park after.
Auntie explaining all the bricks at the memorial are names of people who have helped our country.
The following Saturday we had Westbrook Together Days. It was so hot that we only went to the parade!
Jack and his buddy Owen waiting for the parade to begin!
Whitney and Peter have watched the parade together every year :)
A shot of some of the group!
It was Elise's first Together Days!
Great shot of Grammy & Peter
Peter was very excited to see the Beech Ridge pace car appear at the end of the parade!
We were all  happy we ended up at the pool after!