Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tie Dye T-Shirt Project!

This week is spirit week at the daycare! Today is Tie Dye day! I knew it would be hard for parents to find shirts at stores, so I thought.. why not make some?!!
Kristen checking out the kit I got at JoAnn Fabrics...it can't be to hard right?!

The kit has easy directions! Packets of colors were in the kit, we put into the bottle, then we filled the bottles up to a water line marked. We had 2 adult shirts to make and 9 kid shirts. It also came with more packets of colors so we could make more or save for another day!
All the colors...we're ready to start!
To make a swirl tie dye, I took a fork to twirl it up, then used the elastics to secure it.
We also used the elastics to make different types of patterns, then started dyeing!
It got messy!!!
After we dyed all the shirts we wrapped them in plastic bags and let them set for 16 hours.
After they set, I took each one and rinsed them with cold water. A lot of dye comes out when you squeeze all the water out...wear gloves still!
I then placed them all in a basket to wash. I washed each one separately in hot water.
 Group shot on Tie Dye day!

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