Friday, June 7, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

After dinner out at Buffalo Wild Wings, we're all enjoying this rainy Friday night after a busy week....
1. A sinkhole happened across the street at 7pm last Friday night. 
2. After the Together Days parade, we headed over to Grammy & Grampy's pool!
3. Peter fell asleep on my leg Saturday night :)
4. Pete attempted it spread the loam with the "help" of the didn't go so well!
5. After a call to Papa Rick to use his magic on the bobcat, seed and hay done by Pete..the backyard looked like this, yay!
6. Peter had his last session of big bat on Monday night.
7. He had the largest cheering section :)
8. Kristen & Jack down in the daycare!
9. Up at Nonni & Poppi's on Wednesday night, Peter caught 2 fish!
10. After 3 years. one of my favorite families(and Peter's bestie) left my daycare. We have quite a few summer plans with them!
11. How we're spending our Friday night :)

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