Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tri For A Cure

36. Complete Tri For A Cure.
I got to check another item off my 40 before 40 list! On Sunday, July 27th, I participated in a sprint triathlon!! I swam 1/3 of a mile, biked 15 miles and ran 3.2 miles! It was such an amazing, incredible event to be part of! You can participate as a relay time or by yourself and it was all me! I was so nervous because with coaching lacrosse, I didn't get much time to train. I only trained for about 5 weeks!
This is the first time I biked 15 miles!
I did my open water swim training up at my Mom's on Little Sebago Lake!

The day before the race, I went over to pick up my race packet! 
The morning of the race, I left the house at 6am. I was so nervous. I wrote on my arms the names of the people in my family effected by cancer.
The swim was first! There was 11 heats, and I was in the 3rd heat. The 1st heat to go into the water is the cancer survivors. The 2nd heat was the cancer survivors relay. It was a beautiful, emotional start to the race. 
Proudly cheering on the survivors coming out of the water. They were the 1st heat!
In the water!
Peter watching me swim!
Out of the water and transitioning into the bike portion!
Riding the bike
I love this picture of my Mom cheering me on!
I made it back! I had some bike problems and had to stop a couple times to fix the chain, but I did it!
Transitioning from the bike to the final stretch.... the run!
I enjoyed the whole experience! 
Met some great ladies to finish the race with.
Getting cheers & high fives from my family after finishing!
My amazing support :)
 Post race celebration!