Friday, September 12, 2014

First School Days

Our boys are growing up so fast! 
The day I had been dreading all summer happened...Peter started Kindergarden! We had a career change the morning of, so we had to fix his sign, haha!
with Grammy
with Poppi
The daycare kids were excited to walk Peter & Maddie to the bus stop!
The bus arrived and he happily got on. I cried like a baby watching it pull away!
 Luckily Auntie works at his school so she was able to give me updates about his first day :) She snapped a picture of Peter with his teacher, Mrs. Williams!
It was Jack's turn the next day!
He is going to a preschool called My First School, two days a week!
with Kristen

UPDATE: Both boys are loving school!!! Peter has grown leaps & bounds since starting Kindergarten and his teacher is wonderful! His favorite school day is Fridays when he gets pizza for lunch and has Phy Ed with his Auntie.. Miss Wescott :) Jack and I are still attached at the hip so we have many hugs at drop off. He has two teachers, Miss Danielle & Miss Misty. He has some great friends at school and at pick up always has a smile on his face!