Sunday, April 1, 2012

Peter's Tractor Party

Peter had his 3rd birthday party yesterday! He is growing up so fast! He wanted a tractor party. He loves Bobcat but since they don't sell those anywhere(we get his toys and videos from Papa) we had a John Deere theme. He was very excited! We had it at Peekaboo Children's Center, just like last year.

Thanks again to my sister Laura, she is the reason I have such great birthday parties for my boys! I was in charge of buying animal crackers, making the cupcakes, and putting together the favors. We found a great one on pinterest. Mason jars with a cookie recipe. Green and yellow M&M to match our JD theme!

Some of the party decorations.......

Since it's a indoor play place, I decided to have the cupcakes at the beginning of the party so then the kids could just play away! Peter LOVED his "dirt" cake in the back of his tractor!
Jack and Cayla :)

some of our party guests.....
If I had a best accessorized award, Bethany Mackenna would have got it..check out her boots! LOVE!

We were able to grab a photo with Peter and ALL 6 grandparents! Of course I wanted one for Jack!

Mommy & the birthday boy!
Daddy and Jack representing our love for Bobcat :)

We all had a great time and hope everyone else that came did too!


  1. Too funny.. I loved her boots too! I can't get over how big Peter is- and how much he looks like his dad now. Loved the party decorations, great job Laura.

  2. You and your family are just amazing! The time,imagination and love put together will last for generations!! your boys will always cherish the memories <3