Friday, August 9, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

So I forgot to post this on Friday! I had plans to that evening but our vacation officially started that night and I forgot! 
1. Jack & Daddy playing hockey. Jack loves hockey!!
2.With my sisters up with went to Funtown three times this week! Peter enjoying the tilt a whirl with Lola, Kayla and Gwen!
3. The house next to Nonni's got knocked down to build a nice home so we went over to check it out.
4. Pizza club night with the Sulivan's & Varney's!
5. Love these girls and love our monthly pizza club!
6. A rainy Thursday meant we went to mall for a bit.
7. All of us eating lunch before deciding to go back to Funtown.
8. There were NO lines at Splashtown on Funtown and we had a blast! All of us! It was so great having my sisters up for the week! We are fresh off the water slides in this pic!

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