Thursday, August 15, 2013

iPhoto Friday!

We've had such a wonderful vacation! It's gone by fast but couldn't have asked for a better week! We have done the perfect mix of activities and relaxation!

1. Our annual family pic in front of the tractors at the Skowhegan Fair!
2. Peter wanted so badly to ride the he did :)
3. On Monday we got to do a little outlet shopping in North Conway before we went to Story Land.
4. Wednesday we enjoyed the day at home and went for a ride at Narrow Gauge Railroad.
5. Enjoying Portland.
6. The boy "helped" build a new firepit!
7. We went to Funtown and Peter was so happy to run into his friend Ruby!
8. We went for wings with Lola who came up again to visit.
9. We spent Thursday nigjt at Beech Ridge, we just love racing :)

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