Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breakfast with Santa!

Last year, Peter and I enjoyed the Festival of Trees. I was looking forward to it again this year. Each boy brought a friend with them. Peter was excited to have Landon Babineau join us and Jack brought along his friend Ethan Brewer. Us adults had a nice time as well, I hope they all join us again next year :)

Peter and Landon enjoying breakfast, Jack loved the mini muffins!

We had a great time with Santa! Jack has no fear and was happy to sit on Santa's lap! Ethan like trying to grab Santa's beard and after a little apprehension, Landon and Peter were giving high fives to Santa. Here are some of the photos we captured from our time with him!

Peter really liked this tree!
Camp Sunshine Tree

We headed downstairs, where once again, they had a great train display. This year's theme was Old West!
Peter and Landon loved watching the trains!
Jack trying to catch a peek of the trains :)

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