Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Photo

In May, I got a groupon for Picture People. It was a great package for $16. I had just gotten the boys pictures taken two days before, so when I bought it I knew I wanted to get a family photo. Most of you know how hard it has been to get a good picture of all of us and how badly I want one!

We get called into the studio(the place was packed with fellow groupon buyers) and the girl who is about to take our photos tells us that family portraits aren't really her thing! All I wanted was a good pic and she has no idea what to do?? Great. (Nicole & Laura, hold in your laughter) So I gave her some ideas and,  prayed that we got a good photo.... We did(I think!)
Warning: This is a photo of a photo taken with my phone camera!
retro tone and this is the one that our family is getting.

Warning: This is a photo of a photo taken with my camera on my phone.
We got this one for our living room. We have a wall that has 9 B& W photos, we are adding 6 more and this is one of them. This is my favorite one :)


  1. Great pictures!! I love them!!! Do you have an extra 4x6 I could have?!

  2. How can she not know how to do a family portrait, really? Came out great. Our Groupon deal didn't work out so well. Caroline was great before and after, but while in that room she freaked out :( I'm still on the hunt for a good family photo!