Sunday, August 28, 2011

Horseshoe Tourney!

Warning: If you're not family, you might find this post odd!

Friday night we went over to the Ferris house for some pizza and to select our teams. I now call it selection Friday! They had Papa Gino's, one of my favorite pizza that you can't get in Maine!

After dinner, we picked teams. We put all the guys names in a hat and each women picks a name. I got my Dad for a partner. We were partners two years ago and the first team eliminated! After all the teams were announced Heather brought out shirts that she had made for everyone, they were great! We all started thinking of team names for the next morning... this is serious business for us!
This years teams!
Dad & Me, aka HorseShit
Pete & Michael, aka Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Uncle Steve & Aunt Patty, aka T Pity, aka P Tittys
Aunt Joanne & Uncle Bart, aka 2 sided affair
Brian & Heater, aka The Grad shoe-its
Jan & Stevie, aka Ringah Time

Saturday turned out to be a great day and Jack was wearing his shirt with his new nickname!

Patty unveils this years board to everyone!

The board...

Uncle Bart (my championship partner last year) signaling the games to begin!

Peter deep in thought watching the action. He was thinking either I'll be so good when it my time to finally play or my family is nuts, it's just horseshoes!

Michael, Brian & Peter kicking off the tourney with a beverage... it was 10:45am, haha

Heather Bear having fun!

Pete won the first year and has been in the finals the last three years... he was focused!

Brian and Jack had been watching all day and didn't really care who won :)

Winning point!

The final four.. all Mainers!

They thought it would be funny to pour water on us!

Championship Trophy!

The family tournament players

It was a great way to end our vacation! Looking forward to next year!

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  1. P.S. There is a Papa Gino's in Auburn :) Just ate there last week!