Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Years Eve

Finally getting around to posting about New Years Eve! It was a fun, low key night for us. This year Pete made us an AMAZING dinner!
Our dinner right after Pete browned it...ready to go in the oven!
Since Pete and I had to drive to the Cape the day before Christmas Eve, we exchanged our gifts with Ben, Bethany and Mackenna on New Years. The boys were very excited to see an excavtor they can sit on in their sandbox!
Mackenna opening her present!
Katelyn & Cynthia arrived to join us for the evening and the silliness came natural :)
Starting our first course, French Onion Soup!
Everyone LOVED dinner!
Main course, seriously it was such a good meal!
After dinner, Nonni, Poppi, Grammy & Grampy stopped by for a couple hours to join us!
It was touch and go a few times but we actually made it to midnight!!!

Happy 2013!! I feel amazing blessed with a wonderful husband & sons. A fabulous support system of family and friends. It is going to be a positive year for us!

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