Wednesday, January 30, 2013

IKEA Trip!

Woo hoo, time for some shopping!! Bethany and I made the trek down to IKEA for our 3rd annual trip two week ago! We actually made a fabulous girls weekend out of it! I came home with LOTS of goodies......

We arrived at 9:30 for the 10am opening! We left 5 1/2 hours later :)
Bethany was so excited to be back at IKEA!
For the first time we ate at the restaurant. Since they are a Swedish company, of course I had to go with the Swedish meatballs! We enjoyed the meal and the company. Bethany's MIL Judy and her friend Polly joined us for lunch and the tail end of our shopping.
Almost ready to check out!
Some of our things loaded up in the back of the truck :)
So who wants to see what I got??????!!!!!!!!
I have been eyeing the EMMIE LAND bedding for the last three years and this trip I finally bite the bullet and bought it! On the left is our forever old bedding(don't judge, the comforter was really warm!) and on the right is our new IKEA bedding! 
BEFORE: I had this table in the dining room and I would always just shove the toys underneath to "clean up". The toys were really starting to annoy me but the kids always are playing in there. Usually there are more toys but I picked up for this picture, hehe :)
AFTER: I bought an EXPEDIT bookcase and turned it sideways! I also got three baskets to hide toys! Now we have extra seating and a lot of toy storage!
BEFORE: Since we have "moved" into the new living room, we have used a shelf I had down in the daycare that I bought at IKEA last year for the cable box and blu ray player. They didn't really fit well but I hadn't really taken the time to find anything to use.
Pete actually didn't mind setting this up....and he liked what I picked out! 
AFTER: The HEMNES bookcase all set up! We cut a hole in the back so we could plug in the cable box. I love it!!
For the last three years I have wanted to buy a couple spice racks to use to hold books in Peter's room and every time I have gone they have been sold out! So this year they had I bought 4. Well I was thinking and decided to use one in my kitchen, so I went downstairs to get the bottom color of paint I used in the kitchen to paint one!
BEFORE: An empty wall.....
AFTER: A little kitchen organization using one of the spice racks! 
BEFORE: OK, so now Pete was getting sick of all my IKEA buys, LOL! None of the stuff measures up to studs so Pete had to drill another hole in the frame in order to hang a shelf in the kitchen.
AFTER: My new cookbook shelf! you like??!!!
I'm going back in March with Pete's family to introduce them to IKEA, oh and buy more stuff, hehehe :)


  1. Everything came out great! I love it down there!!

  2. Ummm the cook book shelf is my favorite! And shit I forgot a spice rack!

  3. Ooo...I SO want to go to Ikea right about now!!!