Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Organizing Mission

I have a crush....her name is Jen. She has this blog called I heart organizing and because of her blog, I heart her. My mission for 2012. Get organized! Those who know me well, know that I live in a small home and that I have A LOT of crap things I "need". Pete keeps saying if I bring one more thing into this house, he is going to call A&E to get me on their show Hoarders. Luckily I haven't seen him filming my casting tape yet :) I have organizing projects planned for all three bedrooms(mine is in need of some serious help), pantry, bathroom closet and basement!

Last year, Bethany and I went down to IKEA in MA. We decided to go again this year and realized we were going on the same weekend we had gone last year! We decided this trip will have to be an annual thing! I had a list of things I wanted to help in my organization mission and Bethany was getting stuff to build this! We left early on Sunday morning ready to shop!

We pulled down the road IKEA is located on and saw this sign on the entrance to the Christmas Tree Shop. We had to stop!! I got a few storage bins to put in Peter's closet.. and a few things I "needed".
There it is!!! If you haven't been before, you've got to get there!

Bethany loading up her cart!

So many organizing decisions to make! We were there for 2 1/2 hours!
You can imagine Pete's face when I arrived home with my goodies, then found out I needed him to help me put some of them together! Peter however was very excited to get his tools out to help!

You can't see what Pete is saying at this point but, I don't think I should repeat it on the blog, LOL! I bought a shoe bench and a wall coat rack for the living room. The kicker of it is that I bought a coat rack to put on our wall and because of IKEA's sizing, it won't work because it doesn't match up on studs. So now we have to disassemble it! Picture a happy Pete :)

I put together a shoe rack I got for our bedroom closet. This is why Pete usually puts the stuff together!

Before: This is what our shoes and hats looked like!
After: My new shoe bench! Pete actually thought this was a good purchase!

 Since the wall coat rack I got at IKEA won't work, I found this on Amazon that I am going to order to go above the shoe bench.
I got a few bins to organize above the fridge. Already looks cleaner!

My pantry. I got a lazy Susan for my spices! It is so much easier using this already!
stay tuned for more of my organizing projects!

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