Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Resolutions, New Name!

Thanks for a great year 2011! I love to reflect on this day about the last year. I also got to look back at my 2010 and 2011 resolution posts. While I can't write as beautifully as Lindsey Mead, to put into words how I feel about 2011... fortunate and blessed. We welcomed Jack into our family and what an addition it has been to the family. While the first few months were very bumpy for us, we got through them and it has been amazing watching our boys grow. They are both amazing and Pete and I are very lucky to be their parents. I excited to see what 2012 has in story for the Wescott family :)

2012 Resolutions
1. Still working on my blog! I did reach my goal of making 100 posts in May but I am still working on way to improve it!  There are so many things I want to still learn how to do, I'm not computer savvy. What do  
you think of my new blog name? If you have any other ideas for a name, let me know! I want to work on 
my writings, I've almost been doing this blog for three years now and I'd like to think it's getting better and  
better! Any one want to be my sponsor and send me to this conference :)

2. Still working on my weight! I did so well after having Jack. I looked and felt the best I had in a long time. 
 Then I welcomed pinot grigio back in my life and it all went down hill. I want to drink more water, eat    healthier and watch my portions better. I want to look at myself and be happy with how I look.

3. Still working on me time! After having Jack it was very hard finding time for myself. It has recently gotten a
  lot easier to slip out of the house. I went and had a massage on Friday at Heaven and Earth in Windham  
  and it was wonderful. I am so busy being Peter and Jack's Mom but I also need to remember that I am    Jennifer. This blog has become a wonderful hobby for me but I would still like to learn how to knit. Anyone
 want to teach me :)

Welcome 2012.. I think you and I are going to have a great year together :)


  1. Love your new blog name!! I especially love "the rest is still unwritten" - such a perfect tag line for this blog and for life itself, no?
    You were the first person who helped me when I had just become a mother myself - and as I skidded into a very difficult patch - and it's so amazing to follow your journey as a mother here. Thank you for sharing everything you do with us!

  2. I wish we lived closer...I could teach you how to knit. BTW, love the new name. Did you hear we have a new addition to our family? He's an adorable puppy...Murph!

  3. Love the look of the blog and blog name. I loved it before too! :) It is sooo hard to find me time. I struggle with this as well. What blog conference do you want to go to? I would love to go to blogher in NYC but money stands in the way *sigh*.