Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter Weekend

A few weekends ago, we got to spend a weekend with Ben & Bethany up at their camp in Bridgton. I'm just getting around to posting, but Bethany has come great photos on her blog also! We all enjoyed it so much that we hope to do it again in February! It was the most relaxed I had felt in awhile :)
Peter got to go ice fishing for the first time with Ben & Pete. He liked it a lot!
Bethany and I took Jack and Mackenna onto Highland Lake purely for photo purposes :)
Our first family photo attempt of 2012!
The boys enjoying a sled ride from Daddy :)
Bethany and Mackenna relaxing before dinner. We had Chicken club sandwiches, they were so good!

Peter LOVES Ben! It's actually really cute to see him think of him as his friend and Ben is so great with him. Peter had a blast wrestling with Ben, this is when he gave him the people's elbow, LOL!
Next up for the friends, playing and fixing helicopters

 On Sunday morning, we woke up and took a walk in the woods toward a site where they are cutting down trees, It was a beautiful morning!
You can imagine how excited Peter was when we came out of the woods and saw the logging operation!
family photo time!
we managed to get ours, right before Jack fell asleep!
As you can see, 30 seconds later, Jack fell asleep :)
Mackenna enjoyed the walk :)

Thanks again Ben, Bethany & Mackenna! Heading home after a great walk.... and a nice weekend :)

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