Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year's Eve!

For New Years Eve, we headed down to Abington, MA, where Laura hosted a little family party! Nicole, Gwen, Allie, Nonni & Poppi make the trek from Maine as well. Chris's sister, and parents joined us. Laura did a great job decorating and as always, made a fun, relaxing night feel special! Everyone had a great time!
Chris and Jack playing
Our choices for the evening :)

Gwen & Peter enjoying some batter from brownies :)
Carol stopped by for a while to enjoy some family time :)
The kids playing twister, Peter and Gwen did great with their colors.... Jack not so much :)
While the kids play twister, we might as well take a pic :)
How cute is Allie's hat?
Jack getting a bottle from Lola before he goes to sleep
Laura and Chris ordered dinner from Great Chow... seriously best chinese food I've ever had!

We enjoyed our night so much! Relaxing but fun :)
Peter lasted until 11:10 before he crashed! I was shocked he made it that late!
Happy New Year! Welcome 2012!

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