Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ambulance Ride

Well... we had quite the morning. This is one for the book. Pete left early to go ice fishing at my parents house. Both boys woke early and we were playing in the living room. I made myself a cup of tea, like every morning. I don't like to drink hot tea so usually it's not that hot.  Today, I got distracted because of playing so it was a bit more hot then usual. I made the tea and placed the cup on the table in the living room.  No more then 30 seconds later, Jack reached up and grab it! Before I could get him or the cup it spilled onto him. I ran him into the bathroom, ripped his pjs off and got cold water onto him. I called Pete right away. He called his parents to come get Peter, when they showed up we decided to call the resue just to be safe.

In we went!
When we got to the hospital it looked a lot better then it had at the house. The nurses loved Jack! He of course was hamming it up, showing all of his cute tricks :)
Jack playing with Dr. Jack! The doctor couldn't believe how active he is for his age! We explained to him that we call him the menace and he laughed. "I guess he's living up to his name!" he said! Luckily Jack only had two small burn areas. We are treating it with antibiotic cream.  It was much more of a scary morning for Pete and I then Jack. We are very lucky that he was not hurt more. I feel so fortunate. I've learned my lesson!


  1. YIKES- Im sorry to hear about this ordeal! No matter how cautious you are, I have a feeling this isn't Jack's last ER visit, given how crazy he is :) Even if you put your cup on top of the fridge- he would find a way to climb up and get it! Glad it all turned out okay.

  2. Very scary! So glad he is okay. It's amazing how fast these little guys are now!!