Friday, November 11, 2011

Steak & Cheese Sandwiches

Looking for a good quick dinner? Here it is! Sunday night we decided for the Pat's game that we'd make these sandwiches. We've made our own for a few years now.  It is a quick, easy dinner!

 Cut up one green pepper and an onion. Saute in pan.
Grab some sandwich rolls at the store. We like to get Italian sandwich rolls at Corsetti's.

I bought shaved steak at the meat counter at Hannaford.  Add to pan when pepper and onions are tender. Add garlic powder, salt, pepper and seasoned salt to taste. Since I'm picky, I don't like cheese in my sandwich so I take some meat, pepper & onion before adding the cheese.  I then add shredded mozzarella cheese to the pan, so it's melts nicely with the steak.
 I forgot to take a photo of Pete's! My steak & cheese sandwich without the chese :)

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