Monday, November 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Tis the season, where I say hello to hunting season and goodbye to my husband. He always has taken the 3rd week in November off to go hunting for the week. My father-in-law started doing it over 20 years ago and when Pete got older, he joined him. My mother-in-law starting taking the kids out to dinner every night that week and she still does it..I love it and think it's time to start the tradition with my own boys. I'm making it so that we might not go out to dinner every night, but we'll never eat at home that week! Pete got a deer on Friday, Venison might be on the menu next week!

Monday: Out to dinner with Bethany & Mackenna
Tuesday: Dinner at Nonni & Poppi's with Little Lo
Wednesday: Angelone's pizza with Mame & Papa!
Thurday:  Might meet up with Pete for dinner?
Friday: Olive Garden with Grammie!

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