Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We all know that Cinco de Mayo is my favorite holiday. I have decided that Halloween is my next favorite.... well Thanksgiving, but then Halloween!

We started off the day by taking the daycare kids to a few houses in the neighborhood to trick or treat :)

I love to entertain and decided Halloween would be my holiday to have something. We started a Halloween open house with the Varney's & Sullivan's the year the kids were born. I love that it has grown to include other families and will only continue to grow. A picture of them the first year and this year :)
 Miss Mackenna came over with her Mom & Dad for some pics! Next year her and Jack will go out together to get some candy!
My friend Mara took this photo and I love it! Before we went out while the adults were eating dinner, we could hear lots of laughter from Peter's bedroom. We peeked in and saw this :)

Papa & Mame came over to see the boys in their costumes and stayed with Jack so he didn't have to go out in the cold!
Off we went to Trick or Treat! Our first stop was Memere & Pepere's house! The guys would wait at the end of driveways while we took the kids up to the doors. They looked a little suspect, haha... our orange solo cups did not contain hot apple cider, LOL!

Love these girls.. don't get to see them enough :)

How many kids can you fit in a wagon? They also walked a bit.. Whit and Cayla even held hands :)
We made our annual stop at The Brewer house! Kelli was super sweet again this year and gave my boys balloons and stickers.  Great picture of their family, excited to have Ethan join us for T or T next year!
We had such a great time trick or treating and it was nice to come back home and see the pumpkins we carved the evening before all lite up on our front steps. Can't wait for next year!

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