Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Boston - Part 2

It seems like Christmas is starting earlier and earlier this year. Right  down the streer from Laura is The Christmas Place in Abington. It is open from the end of October through December. We went in the afternoon on Veterans Day and the place was hopping. We even saw Santa, though we weren't able to get a photo of him. You couldn't use your personal camera and the cheapest photo was $20... such a rip off!

When you first walked in they had this HUGE display of all playmobil set ups and train tracks running through it all! It was really neat, alot of effort went into setting this up!

Peter watches the train go by, this was his favorite part of the store!!

Auntie Laura and Jack

Peter liked walking through all the Christmas decorations.
The boys and I in front of one of the Christmas displays.

Jack liked all the lite up outside decorations. I wish I had taken a photo of all the pre-lite artifical Christmas trees they had on display that you could buy. I have never seen so many. They easily had over 100 in stock!

Enjoying a snack at Kringle Cafe.

We had a great time here. One last look of the train display from outside before we leave :)

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