Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On Saturday, we went to Pete's Uncle & Aunt, John & Jen's Surprise 25th Anniversary Party that their daughters put together for them. Even with the rain it was a good time. I went early to help set up.
Kristen & Elizabeth hired my sister Laura to create a dessert table for the party. My sister Nicole, came down to help set up also. It came out great:)
Laura in front of the dessert table she created. To see more photos, check out her blog!

Jen's sister took them to the Stockhouse Restuarant, so that the girls could set up and are everyone could arrive. John & Jen pull up to see all their guests..... surprise!!  
Peter enjoying the popcorn from the dessert tabe made by his Aunt :)
I got to snuggle with my nephew Cameron!
Due to the rain, there were many puddles in their driveway. Peter found a friend who liked puddle jumping. When we left, he was soaked!!!

Happy Anniversary John & Jen!! Here's to another wonderful 25 years!

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