Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cars 2 Movie

When I was pregnant with Jack, Pete and I saw a trailer for the Cars 2 movie and knew we had to take Peter when it came out! Yesterday it opened and we went to Cinemagic in Westbrook.

We all know remember how much Peter is a Cars fan! We have seen the movie so many times! Pete and I did like the second one, but I was surprised how little all the characters from the first movie, except Mator , were in the second. You actually don't need to know what the first movie is about to watch the 2nd one. It also has a lot more action then the first. I enjoyed the first Cars better but will still add Cars 2 to our DVD collection when it comes out.

Ordering Popcorn......
Enjoying some popcorn while he waits for the movie to start!
We made it through the movie!! He got a little restless a couple times but he did great!

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