Thursday, June 9, 2011

Book Review - 44 Charles St.

About the Book:
After her boyfriend and business partner leaves her, Manhattan art dealer Francesca Thayer is forced to take in boarders in order to save her beloved home. In short order, she rents out rooms to Eileen, a young teacher; Marya, a famous chef; and Chris, an attractive single father. They all become close friends, but their lives remain chaotic. Eileen falls in love with tattooed men, Marya has a persistent, married suitor, and Chris gains full custody of his son as his ex-wife becomes increasingly erratic. Along the way, Francesca stops worrying about what might have been, and becomes more involved in the world around her-romances, plumbing problems, and all. While addressing the recession, the lethal danger of Internet dating, and the evils of drug abuse, Steel keeps the tone gentle and soothing in this warm, cozy tale about the triumph of love, friendship, and second chances.

My Thoughts:
I think I have read all of Danielle Steel's Novels. They are very easy reads and pretty predictable. Right now in my life, I need books that I can put down and pick up often. This is a book I could do that with. In some ways it was predictable but there were a few surprises I was not expecting. I enjoyed it.

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