Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend we headed down to Boston to spend the night at Laura's. She had invited us all down for some BBQ fun and we hit NO TRAFFIC on the way down or the way home!!! As soon we got there, Peter found a water gun and loved squirting people with it. We are going to get him one the next time we go to Walmart or Target.

Playing in the dirt!

Nonni, Poppi & Jack

Saturday night we had some Skinnygirl Margaritas and enjoyed a relaxing night by the fire!

Dylan & Peter playing on Sunday morning

We always have time to pose for a photo!

Lola & Jack :)

Lola took a great photo of the three of us, thanks Lola!

Playing in the pool... he was in there most of Sunday afternoon!

We wanted to get a lot done on Monday. I am calling this the Year of the Lawn. We want to focus on our lawn this summer. So the four of us were in the truck at 7:45am headed to Home Depot and Storey's Garden Center for loam and more tomaato plants. We added two more tomato plants to our "garden" and we fixed the side of our driveway where grass had been ridden on. Pete put loam and grass seed down and staked off the area. I had a gardening question, so we got to talking and they ended up heading down for a lunch BBQ... but of course I put Dad to work while he was here!

Enjoying our BBQ

Mame and Jack playing.

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