Sunday, June 5, 2011

Westbrook Together Days

The first weekend in June is always Westbrook Together Days. They have rides, food and vendors at Riverbank Park and on Saturday morning there is a parade. Since Pete and I grew up here, we've been many times. Pete's family has sat in the same spot for years. It can be a big group! We took Peter to his first WTD in June of 09. That same year, we started have Nick & Kati Varney sit with us, and this year Mara & Cayla Sullivan joined us :)

We got there an hour before the parade started so we could get the usual spot.We then had to entertain the kids until the parade started at 10am! They all behaved so well!!

Jack, Auntie Cyn & Katelyn waiting for the parade to start!

The whole group!

Love this girl... Whitney Varney :)

Cayla & Peter playing

The parade is starting!!! Watching with Grammy.

Finding some candy!

Some of the parade highlights for Peter :)

After the parade, we wandered down to the park to check out the food, rides and vendors. It was insane! We ran into friends and people we knew but after only a half hour, it was too much. We went home so the boys could nap and worked on the yard a bit more. In the late afternoon we headed to a BBQ at Ben & Bethany's. We all had a great time. Jack was so good and was a hit with the ladies! Peter played with some new friends, we stayed until it was time to take the boys home for bed!

The highlight of the BBQ for Peter was when he got to drive Ben's John Deere with Daddy :)

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