Saturday, June 6, 2009

Parades, Festivals & Visits!!

*WARNING: lots of pictures

Friday night kicked off Westbrook Together Days. It happens every first weekend in June and is a great oppurtunity to people watch. We headed down Friday night to grab a burger and watch a little Motor Booty Affair. It was Gus's first concert and he slept through it!

Saturday morning was the parade! We met up with Nick & Kati, got seats early and had a great time! Gus was up the whole time.

Sitting with his future mother-in-law (haha).....

Nick, Pete and Bela getting ready for the parade to start.....

After the parade we walked around to get some food and peope watch. Bela got to enjoy some ice cream before we left!

After Westbrook Together Days, we dropped off Pete to mow the lawn and Gus and I headed into Portland to have lunch with Cristina who had come to Maine to visit!

We had a great lunch at Dimillio's!

We were all sad when it was time to go, Emilia made sure she got to kiss Gus goodbye!

On Sunday was Old Port Festival. I had never been before and had always wanted to go. I found out that Elliot Yamin would be playing on the Q 97.9 stage and knew I had to go, I asked Cynthia because she is an Elliot fan as well. The concert was great!
Elliot Yamin, on of my favorite American Idols!

There were so many people, it was almost unenjoyable! The vendors took up so much room on the road that there wasn't much room left to walk. I don't think I will be returning next year. We left right after the concert! We can always smile for a photo though!

We ended the weekend with a great visit from Kyle and Sara!

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