Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

What a busy week, with still not getting around to calling Time Warner, I know, it has taken about a week for me to post and recap on a great week!

I was with the Kahn's for about a month when Emily and I brought Ethan to his first day at the JCA for summer camp in June of 2006. He started in the Toddler room and had his last day in the Pre-K room last Thursday. I have loved him going there as much as he has. The parents and teachers are great and I have made some nice friends there. I can't believe Ethan graduated from Pre-school. I got to go in to watch the class sing a couple songs to wrap up their year. Isaac will still be there next year.

For about a year now, Pete and I have wanted to have a yard sale. We finally got our act together and the Sullivan's and Varney's joined us for a great day. We made some good money and had a fun day with friends.

On Monday morning I left for Boston in what was my last road trip of my maternity leave. I started my day in Harvard Square where we meet up with Cristina and Emilia.

His first college visit... Harvard University. Dream big Gus!

Cristina and I at the library where we first meet 7 years ago... who would have know that a nanny I would meet at a storytime would turn out to become one of my best friends.

Emilia and Cristina at the Concord Ave. library in Cambridge

After I said goodbye to Cristina and Emilia, I went to the Scanlan's so they could meet Gus. They were all excited to meet him and it was wonderful to visit with them.
Sophia thought he was pretty big!

I was able to get out of Cambridge and get through Boston without a ton of traffic! I arrived at Laura's by 5 and were greeted by two very excited kids. We had a yummy dinner! Gus was in a great mood all night and Dylan and Lola jumped into the tub when we gave him a bath.

Gus slept great in his moses basket and I was able to get some sleep as well. We had a such an enjoyable visit, I was sad to leave. A great roadtrip to end my leave!

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