Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Gus!

Two months ago today, my little man was born!! Where does the time go? It has been such a wonderful past two months! I am sad that he is already getting so big but at the same time can't wait to watch him grow. He is starting to make cute sounds and everyone now and then we get a smile! Tomorrow we have his two month check up, I'll post that update tomorrow.

I LOVE this kid!!
I have three weeks left on my maternity leave so I decided to take a mini trip each week. This week was to Nicole's house in Farmington. We left the brook early this morning were here by 1o. We have had a very relaxing day. It was such a beautiful day and Nicole was resting that I decided to go downtown to grab Nicole a birthday card(her birthday is Friday) and visit Reny's, didn't find anything good though.

This is exactly what I did.....

Gwen hanging out

We will head home tomorrow morning but not before we get some cousin photos!!

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  1. Thanks for coming! It was great seeing you and Gus!! Love you!!