Sunday, June 28, 2009

LaKermese Festival

Gus and I had a first together.... the LaKermese Festival in Biddeford. We were bummed that Pete was working. Each year they have a parade and festival celebrating the french heritage of the Biddo. This year we experienced the parade (his 3rd!) and interesting is all I can say! We had a great time with the people we were with, Mara & Ryan, Emily & Kenny, Bethany & Jay, and Jen & Joe. To tie it all in for you, Emily and I went to high school together, and Bethany, Mara, Emily, and Jen all went to college together. Out of us five ladies that were there, three of us have babies and both Mara and Jen are pregnant... we are growing up!!

Gus, Gideon & Ashlyn at the parade (Gus missed the first half!)

Emily and I with our boys!

Earlier in the day Bethany, Emily and I got our little ones together!
Ashlyn..7 months, Gideon..4 months, Gus..12 weeks

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