Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return of the Internet!

Yes, it is true!! My internet works again!! I finally got around to calling Time Warner and yesterday they sent someone over! Our cable wire was not working, so now we are back up and running. I can start posting more now! I mean look at this kid, he is so cute, who wouldn't want to see more of him!! Hahaha!

Falling asleep in Daddy's arms.....

When we bought our house it was considered "move in" condition. However I don't think that house had been updated since the 70's so we have slowly been redoing a lot of things. We painted everything! We replaced all the hardware on the cabinets and doors in the house. We added recess lighting to the kitchen and living room, replaced all the light fixtures in the house, knocked down a wall and lots of other things. We had done so much to the kitchen and always talked about replacing the faucet. A rainy Sunday gave Pete the chance to do it!

Our old faucet with a broken sprayer!

Thank god I have a handy husband, that can do all these projects!

Our new faucet!

Bela trying to get a little attention from Pete also!

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