Sunday, October 16, 2011

Foliage & Farmington

Last week we went up to Nicole's in-laws house and surprised her with a small "sprinkle" for Allie.
Laura got Gwen a Snow White Halloween costume... and she loved it :)
self portrait with Nicole's sister-in-law Erica

Jack watching Aunt Cole open some gifts

On the ride there and back, I enjoyed the foliage so much! It is such a beautiful ride in the fall!

I was almost home when I found out Nicole was in the hospital. She was feeling sick when I was leaving and got worse, so Nate took her in and they wanted to keep her overnight so they could monitor her and the baby. I got home and packed the diaper bag again so we could head back up the next day. 

On Monday, with Nicole in the hospital, the boys and I drove back up early. After a visit to Nic, Laura and I went back to her house to help with Gwen and decided to walk downtown since it was such a beautiful day!

Looking at the pumpkins in front of Reny's

Enjoying a snack at Amato's

Downtown Farmington.. Peter was so little the last time we walked down!

Both boys fell asleep on our walk back to Nicole's house.

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