Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our 4th Anniversary

On Friday, Pete and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!

I got a lovely surprise when roses showed up at the house that day! I was really looking forward to going out! Our first and third anniversaries I was pregnant and SO sick!! Our second anniversary, Peter was sick with a 102 fever so we got takeout and comforted our sick baby. Finally with number 4, babysitter!

We started our evening with drinks at Grace. We sat at the upstairs bar and had a great view of the place.

We had dinner reservations at The Corner Room. It's the third "room" restuarant.  We got sat at the antipasto bar.... the couple next to us were celebrating  their 22nd wedding anniversary! They were really nice and we ended up having a very nice evening with them. The food was AMAZING! I loved every bite! We had a great experience sitting at the bar watching all the food get made and the chef who I assumed was the salad chef, ended up being the owner! He was so nice, took our picture, answered all our questions about food and made our dinner so enjoyable! We'll be going back again!

Self potrait to end a great evening :)

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