Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hey, it's Allie J!

Yesterday Allie Joellen Lesperance entered the world in record time! I was talking to my sister, Nicole, at about 9:30 yesterday morning and she wasn't having any contractions. An hour later my Mom was on her way up and Nicole was having contractions. Around 11:30 she decided she should go to the hospital. Her and Nate arrived at Franklin Memorial Hospital about 10 minutes past noon and at 1:24 pm, October 28th, Allie joined the world... and our family :)
Thanks to Jan, Mon, Mame, I was able to leave the boys down here and make a quick trip up!

With big sister Gwen :)

Allie's stats!

Nicole, Allie Joellen and her namesakes... Jo and Ellen

Look at all that hair!

Auntie & Allie J (my nickname for her) :)

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